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5 Ways to Charge Your Device With No Outlet In Sight

Your iPhone or Android tablet is useful as long as the battery has a full charge, but it’s not much more than a paperweight when it’s dead. Check out these unique and sometimes hard-to-believe methods to charge your device when you’re not in reach of an outlet.


Plugging Into a Power Bank — RavPower Luster

RavPower’s cylindrical design for an external battery is pretty iconic, and plenty of companies make knockoffs that you’ll find on eBay. The name brand battery costs less than $20, has a capacity of 3000 mAH and contains an LED flashlight that can shine for over 50 hours — assuming Jason Hope you don’t actually use the device to charge your phone. It comes in pink, blue, silver, gold and black to match all your tech accessories. If the Luster doesn’t pack enough of a punch, the Element is a high-capacity phone/tablet power bank.

  • Using the Sun — EasyAcc Solar Charger

Isn’t technology great? If you’re going to be outside, you can just whip out this portable charger and let it soak up the rays of the sun. Connect your phone or tablet with the charging cable, and those rays will turn into a trickle of energy. The eco-friendly EasyAcc solar charger folds up so you can store it more easily, and there’s a pocket to keep your phone in while it’s charging. It works best with an external battery like those mentioned from RavPower, but you can also directly charge your Android device.

Playing with a Yo-Yo — iYo-Yo Charger

The simple solution to avoiding an outlet is to manually generate electricity, but no one enjoys the hand cranks. That’s why one ingenious company invented an iPhone charger that’s also a Yo-Yo. When you play with the toy, you’ll generate electricity that transfers to your phone when you plug it in. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Well, sort of. You would need to move that toy 6,000 times per minute to get a good charge, but at least someone was thinking outside the electrical box.

  • Roasting Marshmallows over the Fire — BioLite CampStove

At first, this camping stove looks pretty similar to others you might have seen if you’re an avid outdoors-man, but it does a little something extra. Thanks to a thermoelectric generator, the stove can change heat to electricity to charge your iPhone or other device while you cook a little dinner. It’s not much bigger than a water bottle, either. liked this product because “campfires create a lot of excess energy that’s otherwise wasted. Why not use it to charge your phone?”

Harnessing the Energy of Food

This one can get a bit messy, but it is technically possible. After puncturing an orange on either side and submerging in Gatorade for several minutes, you can dry off the fruit and plug your iPod charger into the orange. It’s not the most efficient way to charge your phone, and you’re likely to do better refueling yourself by eating the delicious fruit, but it works. Other food that reportedly work include onions and even zesty lemons.